Brief history

A star is born

Established in 2011 with the goal to re-unite Loyalty and Economics, Affinia Volo Inc. (AVI) champions advances in management thinking and practice that underpin an unrivaled service offering. We connect the dots in pursuit of clarity and rigor to aid our client's toughest loyalty decisions. Leveraging big-data-enhanced economic, market and behavioral analytics, AVI is there to predict or explain competitors' actions, and to help you monetize and maximize loyalty's financial contribution.

Intellectual property

Economics of Loyalty

We are strong believers in Loyalty's robust economic core. We help assure that "cross-functional" does not mean "neglected", and that "softer" aspects do not weaken fundamentals. Clients in some of the world's largest industries - travel, banking, retail, and telecom - engage us to improve loyalty program performance by:

  • developing, optimizing and monetizing loyalty-related assets
  • restructuring loyalty liabilities
  • re-positioning programs

The result? Achieving a strategic, financial and structural overhaul that delivers optimum economic performance.

Industry & functional focus

Loyalty-centric organizations worldwide

AVI serves clients with a loyalty-centric strategic focus - major corporations, game-changing start-ups, governments and non-profits worldwide. Our clients set the trends, guided by financial rigor, as well as the predictability and navigability of loyalty-related results. Elevating the profile of Loyalty, both internally and externally, and creating sound benchmarks helps expose Loyalty to true market forces, driving success and attracting fresh capital.

In addition to serving program sponsors and their partners, Affinia Volo teams assist investors and their representatives in monetizing, expanding and growing the economic value potential delivered by the powerful symbiosis of Loyalty, Economics, Financial Markets and Technology.

Our partners

New generation loyalty initiatives

Through AVI Select™, our exclusive network of world-class specialist capabilities, we ensure complete and consistent service, centrally managed to the highest standards of rigor, robustness and results accountability.